As my friends will readily tell you, I came to Twitter kicking and screaming.  I’m not a big fan of social media.  Seriously, why does anyone on God’s Green Earth care what I think or have to say?  But, when I started following Curt Cavin, a sports writer from the Indianapolis Star, he mentioned that he was going to get on Twitter to provide quick updates of things happening  during the month of May leading to the 2008 Indianapolis 500.

Having the opportunity to get any information faster from IMS outweighed my abject hatred of all things self-important so I signed up for Twitter.  My alter-ego of @CurlingRacer was born, or should I say created.  Now blazing past 2,000 tweets, I have become addicted to Twitter.  I have made some amazing friends that love racing or curling as much as I do.  I even drove to Indianapolis in December (There’s no racing there then in case you were wondering) to attend a tweetup to meet some of these people I now consider part of my family.  There are many Indy Car drivers on Twitter.  Tony Kanaan is probably the most Twitter inclined.  Others include Helio Castroneves, Tomas Scheckter, Justin Wilson, and Ryan Briscoe.  Even some of the “talent” that cover the races have accounts like Lindy Thackston and Jack Arute from Versus.  Kevin Lee from the IMS network and ESPN 1070, and the aforementioned Curt Cavin are great for information from Indy and the track.

Reading their daily tweets brings a bit of racing to my otherwise mundane life.  But lately, I’m starting to notice something else.  I feel like I know these people.  Other than Curt and Kevin and Pippa Mann at the Winter Indy Tweetup, I’ve never met any of the famous twitterati.  It now provides a different feeling when I’m watching a race.  Geez guys and ladies, don’t get hurt.  I’ve never enjoyed crashes in any way, shape, or form.  But now that you get a little personal perspective from these drivers, it brings their safety to the forefront of the mind.

Another Twitter “incident” that took me by surprise was the release of Lindy Thackston’s new website.  She mentions that she won awards for her features on date rape drugs sharing her personal experiences.  What?!?!  @LindyThackston was drugged?  Who the hell would do this to OUR Lindy?  I was furious.  But again, I’ve never met Lindy.  But, I feel like an older brother that has to protect her because she’s replied to some of my tweets???

Damn Twitter…Thanks for coming into my life.