Here in Pittsburgh, we have a chain of restaurants called Eat n Park.  They have a commercial that runs every May, about the Merry Berry Month of May..There’s a deal at Eat ‘n Park Everyday!!  Well, that song means something a little more to me than just good ol Strawberry Pie.  The Month of May is Indianapolis…period.  The Greatest Spectacle in Racing occurs every Memorial Day weekend.  For those of you who follow me on Twitter, you’re obviously saying…duh!!!

But this month is truly special.  For so many reasons.  Attending a race at Indianapolis is a spiritual experience.  If you don’t think it is…then you’re probably drinking too much and should watch what’s going on on the track.  The ritual celebrations before the race.  The race itself.  So many emotions.

If you don’t understand.  Come to Indy sometime during the Memorial Day weekend.  You’ll start to understand.  Thank God For the Month of May.