OK, now you can quit singing.  As predicted in my last post, the IZOD IndyCar series has selected Dallara as it main manufacturer for the 2012 Car of the Future.  The pros and cons have been addressed in so many different ways that I will leave that to the so called “experts”. 

What I know is that this appears to be a proper step in the correct direction to save IndyCar racing as we know it.  The cost reductions alone should allow existing teams to continue to compete in the series.  Will it bring new teams?  That remains to be seen. 

I wouldn’t expect to see new teams until at least 2014 or 2015. Why you may ask?  The simplest answer is Penske and Ganassi.  Assuming that they each build their own aero kits to attach to the Dallara Safety Cell, how dominant will they be in the series?  I know that each team will theoreticallly have the opportunity to buy the kits that they produce, but will the be the same?  How much regulation will be on the kits that will permit or not permit modifications?  If you don’t think that Penske and Ganassi will be looking for those angles, you haven’t been following along the last 20 years.

If there is a truly level playing field for the first couple of years, then I think you’ll see teams flock to the series.  The lure of the Indianapolis 500 is still strong and marketable.  And with the dismal attendance at yesterday’s Brickyard 400, it will soon be the only event that uses 4 wheels there.  The days of guys like Ron Hemelgarn and Paul Diatlovich going for the one off will return.  Hopefully, so will the sponsors.

There is still alot to discuss and be set with regard to rules and regulations, so lets see what the Series does.  I’m sure alot of folks are upset that Dallara was selected, but as rational people, the name of the chassis should not dictate our feelings toward this decision.  Look at it rationally, and you will know that this was the best course of action for all involved.