Wow, deep title, eh?  Now that I have your attention, my soul is screaming to be heard and since NO ONE wants to listen, I have to use the keyboard to purge the shouts my brain are trying to let escape!

Spending last weekend at Mid-Ohio was the BEST!  I love being at any IZOD Indy Car event.  Add to the experience an ALMS race and a 40 car SCCA World Challenge race, and you got some big time road racing!  Throw in a Tweet Up to meet with other Indy Car fans and the Stars of Versus, and it’s a weekend on racing overload.

It’s also the way I would love to spend my life, immersed in 20 hours of work a day in the greatest racing series in the world.  The closest that I know I will ever get is once in awhile typing about the series on this blog and holding to the belief that 2 or 3 people may actually read this.  Unfortunately, following my first love does not cover rent payments, golf memberships, new blue jeans for school, etc., etc.

So I would love to blog about racing every single day.  But, the REAL career demands my time and efforts.  I hate being realistic.  I love my family, and I looov..well liiikk…um, well I go to work every day without the desire to format all the computer’s hard drives.  So no complaints there.  Just wish I could be more involved in the sport I have spent my whole life loving and promoting.

Wonder what the 2012 rules are going to look like…..daydream…daydream…daydream….