So, I’m working on restoring my wife’s computer and I thought I’d check on the latest racing news while Microsoft downloads 73 updates. is reporting that the current owners in the IZOD Indy Car series have voiced their opinion on the new 2012 car.  They don’t want it.  After I got my heart out of my stomach, I started thinking a bit more about this.  You know, things had been going too good lately in the world of American Open Wheel Racing.  Knew it had to end eventually.

Apparently, the owners are miffed that they weren’t consulted on the design and, I think more importantly, the deals that were struck with Dallara and Honda.  They are spending our money without consulting us apparently is the cry.  What the hell was Gil DeFerran doing on the ICONIC Committee if he wasn’t talking with the other owners?  Did Brian Barnhart and Tony Cotman duct tape their mouths for 2 months, only removing that tape to make horrible Race Control calls during race weekends?  And if things are too expensive, then let the current Dallara’s stay on the track.  With a new chassis being 180 pounds lighter, and turbos vs. normally aspirated, things will change right fast you can believe it.

I find it EXTREMELY hard to believe that the owners were not consulted about the new 2012 package.  It really seems that the ship has sailed and this is the direction the IZOD Indy Car series is headed.  It will be a cheaper series based on the initial statements from Dallara and Honda.  Hopefully, they hold up their end of the bargain.  Because if this report is correct, and I still think this is a BIG IF, the owners are NOT holding up their end.

Now for my overly emotional, jumping to conclusions statement…IF THIS HAPPENS..THERE WILL BE NO INDY CAR RACING IN OUR FUTURE. 

I hope this is just a sounding board as one owner indicated and is really being STUPID by publicizing this.  Of course this could be part of their NASCAR ALL THE TIME agenda as well.  Bottom line, I”m very frustrated right now.  The future has been looking so bright for the IZOD Indy Car Series, we just don’t need the bad news.  We’ve been dealing with bad news since 1996, no matter who was right back then.  I can’t go through this again.  I’m hoping that Mssrs Bernard, Cotman, Penske, Ganassi, et al will work this out. 

IF they can’t, I will feel extremely duped because for many years, I have thought these gentlemen were intelligent.