So, the final week of the IZOD IndyCar season has arrived.  The excitement of the final race is palpable.  But, knowing that this is the LAST race until next season makes it bittersweet.  As usual, the IZOD IndyCar Championship comes down to the final race.  There is no need for a contrived Chase to develop excitement.  Though some may complain that it’s Penske vs. Ganassi again, it still has the excitement of a title battle.

Will Power vs. Dario Franchitti.  The first shot will be fired in qualifying.  Will Power should have the advantage here since Dario usually isn’t a threat for the pole.  Every point helps.  Going to the race, Dario gets the nod here just from experience and poise.  He won the championship last year at Homestead using a savvy fuel strategy, plus he’s smooth and solid on the ovals.  Will actually scares me on the ovals.  He is working hard, but smooth is not a word I would use to describe his recent efforts at Kentucky and Chicagoland.  He really wasn’t a factor at Motegi, despite finishing on the podium.

In the end, I think that Dario Franchitti will repeat as champion this weekend.  As a Penske guy, I hope I’m wrong personally, but to look at things objectively, Dario just has too much mojo in Homestead.  Sunday will finish off an amazing season for Chip Ganassi and his racing teams.  Daytona 500, Indianapolis 500, Brickyard 500, the Rolex Grand Am championship, and the 2010 IZOD IndyCar Championship.  Not a bad year.  Should take away some of the sting of the Delta Wing being rejected by the ICONIC committee.