As I fall into my October depression from the severe lack of IZOD Indy Car racing in my life, I tend to gain some solace from reading my RACER magazine.  To continue the “Geez this guy is weird” feeling that all 4 of you who read this blog have of me, one of my favorite sections in RACER is the Famous Birthdays section.  I especially enjoy October’s as my birthday is in this month as well.

Looking this year, I was taken aback at how many people in the Indy Car community were born in October. Here’s the list…I know…Hold down your enthusiasm…Max Papis, Sarah Fisher, Michael Andretti, Price Cobb, Chris Economaki, Alex Tagliani, Didier Theys, Alex Zanardi, Sammy Swindell, Buddy Lazier, and Buddy Rice.  I’m sure there are more…Let me know of them.

What does this list tell us?  A lot of Indy Car people love Halloween?  Their parents enjoyed a lot of free time in January and February?  No, what this clearly states is that I, yes me, was destined to be an Indy Car Driver!!  Since I have SO much in common with these men and women.

But, back to the real world, the only commonality I have with them is a desire for speed and winning.  They get to do it and we get to watch.  I can live with that…for now.

Of course, reading about the Birthdays, leads to my most unfavorite, but definitely needed portion of RACER.  The We Remember… section. We can never forget the heroes and friends, even if we never met them, that we have lost in the sport.  Again the October list is full of Indy Car connections.  Barney Oldfield, Ted Horn, Wilbur Shaw, Jim McElreath, Jr., Louis Meyer, Denis Hulme, Jim Chapman, Tony Renna, and the hardest one of the month for me…Greg Moore.

Greg was tragically taken from us at California Speedway on my birthday 11 years ago.  I loved watching him run lines that no mere mortal was supposed to run in that beautiful Blue and White Players Reynard.  Greg was coming to my beloved Penske Team the following year along with Gil DeFerran to create an unbeatable super team.  Of course, that didn’t happen.  I think that part of the reason I’m such a big Helio Castroneves fan is that Greg rides along with him in that Penske Number 3 somehow, someway.  The things that he could have done with Penske…well I digress.

Happy October everyone..Only 7 months until the favorite month of us all…May.