CurlingRacer is Andy Banfield.  Andy Banfield is CurlingRacer.

I’m a native of Western Pennsylvania growing up in a small town along the Ohio River.  I attended college at THE Pennsylvania State University and graduated in 1987 with a B.S. degree in Civil Engineering.  I had aspirations of becoming a professional race car driver, but met my wife at Penn State and that took care of that dream…Not that I’m bitter…No really, I’m not…Seriously.

I follow the IZOD IndyCar Series to the point of fanaticism.  I also enjoy Formula 1, ALMS, and Grand Am Sports Car Racing.  I’ll watch NASCAR if there’s nothing else on.

I’m also a former President of the Pittsburgh Curling Club. I have coached youth basketball, football, and baseball for over 20 years.

I have 2 wonderful children that I been able to pass on my love of racing, curling, golf, and basketball.


One Response to “CurlingRacer’s Bio”

  1. Greg Beall Says:


    Being a race fan myself, I want to share this info with as many other race fans as possible. Hopefully you can put this on your blog and help me out!!!

    For 2011, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway has printed the Official Indy 500 Program with three different covers, each featuring a different painting by a different artist and each being packaged with a special issue of Sports Illustrated.

    I was lucky enough to be selected to create one of the paintings for the covers! Needless to say, I am super excited to have had the opportunity to paint something this prestigious for such an awesome event. Especially since 2011 is the 100th Anniversary of the first Indy 500.

    I, exclusively, am offering signed limited edition posters and prints of my painting. Please check out for details and to purchase online.
    Also, please forward this email to anyone who you think may be interested in this info.

    Greg Beall

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